Crew Services


Turtle Island Productions has provided complete crewing services on numerous productions since 1990, from ENG two-man crews runnin’ and gunnin’ to larger EFP and studio productions for documentary, corporate communications, and drama.

We have the experience and the network already in place in order to save you time and money hunting down the right crew for your specific project and your budget.

If you wish we can handle all the payroll services as well.

Whether you need a shooter and a sound person, or a lighting crew, PAs, teleprompting, Steadicam and jib operators, we can save you money by providing you with one-stop-shop crewing services. All of our crews come with years of experience and the talent and skills necessary to insure a successful production. 

Crew Positions

Director of Photography
Camera Op (ENG)
Mulit-Camera Operator
Lighting Director (Studio)
Sound Mixer (Studio &Location)
Boom Op (Studio &Location)

If you would like a quote, or more information, please fill out our services inquiry form or contact us  directly.