Lighting & Grip


Turtle Island Productions knows lighting. Owner and DP James Fortier started out as a Gaffer and won many awards for his work as a Gaffer and Lighting Director, so we are very familiar with the best lighting instruments and tools available.

Rather than maintaining a large, costly inventory, we rely on a network of independent Gaffers, LDs, and rental houses to deliver the right amount of lighting gear for your project, from a four head Arri kit for quick interviews to complete lighting and grip trucks for larger productions.

Without the large inventory and overhead that goes with it, we are often able to bring your lighting budget under control from the outset.

As a producer you won’t have to look at a parked five ton lighting truck and watch the dollars click away with every minute on the clock when all you needed was a basic tungsten package and a small
grip kit.

Conversely, after our pre-production consultation, you can rest assured that we will provide EVERYTHING you need to light your next feature or commercial production.


If you would like a quote, or more information, please fill out our services inquiry form or contact us  directly.